Sunday, April 24, 2011


For those of you who haven't read my blog before, here is where you can read my story. Healing is an incredible journey, a road filled with learning and growth. I have healed in so many different ways and have learned so many exciting things! While I don't claim that everyone who experiences healing can do so fully by just changing their diet, I do believe that shifting to a whole foods, nutrient-dense diet will make a world of difference and give one a foundation upon which to experience more healing. The mind, body and spirit are deeply interconnected, each part being influenced greatly by the other. I have mentioned before that in order to be balanced we must balance our "secondary food" (the actual food that we eat), with our "primary food" (our lifestyle - areas such as spiritual practice, exercise, career and relationships). Balance and healing will only take place when all of these areas of our lives are running more smoothly. (Notice I say "more" smoothly, because life is never perfect :-) I have a deep religious belief which, for me, has contributed to my healing above and beyond diet. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Jesus Christ is the center of our gospel message. We believe that it is He who heals all sin, pain, grief, suffering and sickness. He is the true source of healing and light and if we turn to Him, we can be healed. After all I can do, it is He that makes up the difference and makes me become whole again.

On this Easter Sunday we celebrate Christ's life and Resurrection. He died so that man may live. Not only physically, but spiritually. I am so grateful for this gift. And so amidst all the food talk here and my belief that food is healing and has medicinal properties, may we remember who is the divine source of healing. And that He will lead us on the right healing path for our particular circumstance when we are need of that healing.

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  1. Amy, I had no idea you had this blog. God Bless you!