Sunday, December 9, 2012

Difficult Behavior in Children

Have you ever thought that your child's difficult behavior might be caused from a food allergy or sensitivity?

If you have a good discipline system, if you are trying your best to teach good principles in the home, and your child continues to not comply, diet may be a good place to turn before you worry that your child is lost forever.

I have been through this with my children at varying levels.  One of my daughters goes into a rage when she drinks milk.  All four of my children exhibit more difficult behavior after eating anything made with sugar or white flour.  We have varying sensitivities with certain other dairy products.  My three-year-old will be extraordinarily oppositional only if she has eaten the foods she is sensitive to. 

Has it taken a lot of work to figure out these sensitivities and change our food choices?  Yes!  But has it been worth it to have greater compliance and happiness in the home?  Most definitely! 

Here is an excellent article by a lady who teaches parenting principles that I thought explained the behavior/nutrition link very, very well.