Monday, January 7, 2013

It's the New Year!

I have always loved the fresh start of the New Year.  In years past it was always the start of a new diet, coming off of the sugar-laden fest of the holidays.  But because diet has been something I have worked diligently to change over the past few years, I no longer have this up and down.  I stick with my healthy diet through the holidays, maybe eating a few more natural sugar grams than I would have, but afterwards I make a small course correction and I am back, good as new.  It feels good to be steady and stable in this area after working on it for most of my life.  However, because I am not nearly perfect,  I continue to find other areas desperately needing my attention.  

This year I am working at becoming more consistent at daily exercise and daily scripture reading/meditation.  I involve myself in these habits throughout the year, but they definitely come and go more than I would like.  And when I add these practices to my morning, my day and my life go soooo much better.  So why would I do anything different?  Why would I NOT do them?  Who knows, but probably for the same reason I used to eat poorly and always feel badly and still go up and down with my food habits.

This life is a time to work on our weaknesses and imperfections and, in line with my religious beliefs, make an effort to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ everyday.  If I don't work on strengthening my physical, spiritual and emotional self, I won't become more like Him.  And, believe me, I have got a loooong way to go! :-)  So here is to a fresh new start!  Let's resolve to be in a better place at the end of 2013 than we are now!