Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Natural Healing

"Given the chance, the body will heal itself, by itself." (Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

Our bodies are incredible creations. They were designed to heal themselves. On the most basic level, when we get a cut or scrape, the body heals itself - with a little help from a protective covering. When a bone is broken, with the proper setting, it heals. So why don't we trust our bodies to heal in other circumstances? Why do we run to the first pharmaceutical drug we can find to help our symptoms when we don't feel well? Now, I have to say that I think there is a place for medication. It has saved many a life and I am grateful for modern medicine. But my opinion is that it is
highly over-used and misused and, in many cases, not the best option.

In my quest for healing, I have found so many non-invasive, non-toxic things that have helped my body to heal. They are out there, but it does take some research to find the right methods for you. And these holistic, safe alternatives often work better than anything else. They may cost some money. But insurance co-pays and deductibles and non-covered procedures cost money too.

So, as is the topic here, let
food be thy medicine. It is healing, it has medicinal properties, and if you are not feeling well - look at your diet first. It is true that there may be many other factors at play. So if you don't have an emergency situation, looking at your diet first, getting a handle on that, and then exploring other areas that need help would be the smartest order to proceed. Many people gain a clarity of mind and feel less stress and overwhelm once they change their diet. So the next steps to take become much more clear then.

Think of it this way, "toxic in, toxic out". If your food is toxic (unhealthy, processed, and devoid of nutrients), your life has the potential to be toxic. What we put into our bodies, if consistently unhealthy and processed, may eventually manifest itself as an illness. If our bodies do not go there, they are likely to go to decreased immunity, pain, and/or loss of energy. The environment inside our bodies matters.
What we put into our bodies matters. If we are suffering, it could be because our diet is suffering.

The thing about natural healing that no one likes, though, is that it
takes time. It is not an overnight process. Society wants a quick fix, so natural healing is not popular. I became ill after the birth of my 4th child almost 2 years ago and, while I am doing much, much better, I am still in the process of healing. I have fine-tuned my food and now I have gone on to other tools that are helping me become even more well. (Exercise, spiritual practice, energy healing & just starting to explore the world of essential oils - to name a few.)

Please join me in the natural healing journey. It is truly a rewarding one!

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