Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank you to some key players!

I can't introduce this blog without thanking a couple of gracious people for their help! Sonnet from & Jennifer from Sonnet was willing to transfer her blogspot address to me and Jennifer put together my header and blog button. I have had so much on my plate, that Jennifer's offer to help people for free with their blog headers was something I jumped on. Thank you so much Jennifer & Sonnet!

You may have arrived at this blog because you are one of my family and friends and I have just sent all of you a link to this new website. If it is something you are interested in following, wonderful! If it is not, that is OK, please send the link on to people who you think would be interested.

I will start to take clients in February and I will be giving student rates until I graduate from the program in October. So spread the good word!
I will be doing the majority of my counseling over the phone - so it doesn't matter where you live. Here is the current link to my coaching website if you'd like to know more. I will post the new address on my blog once I get a domain name.

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  1. Glad I could offer you the address! I look forward to following your blog!